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Firefighter Asbestos Exposure at Department Store Fire

LegalView Informs Readers of Potential Firefighter Asbestos Exposure at a Recent Department Store Fire

LegalView continues to inform readers of the most recent mesothelioma and asbestos news updates on its mesothelioma blog. A recent department store fire has nearly 60 firefighters worried about potential exposure to asbestos

Denver, CO - January 6, 2008 -- LegalView.com, the number one resource for everything legal on the Web, reported on mesothelioma blog that nearly 60 firefighters in a Connecticut town may have been exposed to asbestos after a recent department store fire.

Asbestos is a deadly substance that was used in the construction of homes, schools, government buildings and even in department stores or other commercial constructions. When individuals are exposed to asbestos fibers and asbestos dust they become at risk for mesothelioma cancer. Mesothelioma is a deadly form of cancer that takes decades to reveal itself, by which time, it is often too late to offer treatment for the cancer. Many individuals who have worked in the construction, mining or shipyard industry have been associated with asbestos exposure. If you feel you or your loved one may be in danger of asbestos exposure it is important to seek help immediately. The sooner mesothelioma cancer is found the better the chance is of treating it. After consulting with a mesothelioma doctor, use LegalView's resources to reach a mesothelioma lawyer who may also be able to provide insight into the case.

The department store fire occurred in New Haven, Connecticut. Sixty firefighters had reportedly fought the fire for hours on end with air packs that lasted only 30 minutes. The blog reports that debris from the fire was sent to the Department of Public Health and several samples were found to have tested positive for asbestos. For individuals who feel they have been previously exposed to asbestos, it is important to contact an experienced mesothelioma attorney to receive a consultation.

LegalView offers other legal resources including finding information on traumatic brain injury accidents or an auto accident injury. Millions of Americans are affected by these tragic accidents each and every day and LegalView stands by those suffering from tragedy. LegalView also offers information on how to locate an experience all-terrain vehicle law firm who can provide assistance during a rollover accident.

About LegalView:

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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Cancer Drug Synergy Found With Biothera And Avastin

Biothera Drug Synergistic with Avastin® Against Cancer, Study Finds

EAGAN, Minn.- February 28, 2008 -Biothera's Imprime PGGT increased the effectiveness of Avastin® (bevacizumab), a monoclonal antibody approved for the treatment of metastatic colorectal, breast and non-small cell lung cancer, according to a new preclinical study published in the current issue of Clinical Cancer Research.

Researchers in the Tumor Immunobiology Program of the James Graham Brown Cancer Center, University of Louisville, Kentucky, studied the synergistic effects of Imprime PGG in combination with Avastin in a xenograft mouse model where human ovarian cancer cells were implanted into the mice. In the treatment group receiving both Imprime PGG and Avastin, 86% of the mice survived 100 days compared with only 43% in the group receiving Avastin alone.

"Our study is the first to demonstrate that Avastin, an anti-angiogenic agent, co-administered with Imprime PGG, an agent that enhances innate immune effector cell function, results in synergistic anti-tumor effects," said Carolina Salvador, M.D., a clinical instructor at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center. "This type of combination strategy has significant clinical implications and deserves further investigation."

"These results are consistent with our previous research with Imprime PGG and various monoclonal antibodies in numerous cancer indications," said Daniel K. Conners, president of Biothera's Pharmaceutical Group. "We are now working to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of these novel cancer therapies in the clinic."

Biothera is currently conducting a clinical trial with metastatic colorectal cancer patients receiving a combination therapy of Imprime PGG, Erbitux® (cetuximab), a monoclonal antibody from ImClone Systems, and Irinotecan, a chemotherapy drug from Pfizer. The results of the trial are expected later in 2008. The company also plans to initiate a clinical study in lung cancer patients this year using a combination of Imprime PGG, Avastin and two chemotherapy drugs.

The title of the new Clinical Cancer Research paper is "Yeast-Derived ?-Glucan Augments the Therapeutic Efficacy Mediated by Anti-Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Monoclonal Antibody in Human Carcinoma Xenograft Models." The authors are Carolina Salvador, Bing Li, Richard Hansen, Daniel E. Cramer, Maiying Kong and Jun Yan.

About Imprime PGGT

Imprime PGG is a biological response modifier that enhances specific innate immune cell responses. Biothera has completed two Phase I clinical trials under its cancer Investigational New Drug (IND) application for the use of Imprime PGG in combination with anti-cancer monoclonal antibodies. Under a separate IND, the company also has completed a Phase I/II trial with Imprime PGG in combination with a hematopoietic growth factor.

About Avastin®

Avastin was the first anti-angiogenesis therapy approved by the FDA and with last week's approval, is now approved for the treatment of the three leading causes of cancer death in the U.S.: metastatic colorectal cancer, advanced non-squamous, non-small cell lung cancer and metastatic HER2-negative breast cancer. Avastin is a product of Genentech.

About Biothera, the Immune Health Company

Biothera is a biotechnology company dedicated to improving immune health. The company's primary focus is developing pharmaceuticals that engage the innate immune system to fight cancer. Website: www.biotherapharma.com.


Biothera, the Immune Health Company
David Walsh, 651-256-4606
VP, Communications

On the list of sites with mesothelioma Minnesota is gaining attention as a location with an increased number of cases diagnosed.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Early Detection of Mesothelioma Cancer and Asbestos Exposure

LegalView Informs Readers of A Canadian Treatment Study That Looks At Early Detection of Mesothelioma Cancer and Asbestos Exposure

LegalView exposed its mesothelioma blog readers to a new treatment study being conducted by a Canadian organization that will look at early detection of asbestos exposure and mesothelioma cancer. The study done by the University Health Network in Toronto will test low doses of an experimental drug on potential victims of asbestos exposure.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) January 15, 2008 -- LegalView informs its mesothelioma blog readers of a Canadian treatment study that is attempting to find early detection of asbestos exposure and mesothelioma in victims. According to information available at the mesothelioma blog, the study is being conducted by the University Health Network in Toronto. Volunteers who may have been exposed to asbestos are being asked to receive serial low-doses of computed tomography treatments in order to uncover how mesothelioma develops, according to the blog.

Mesothelioma cancer is caused by the exposure of asbestos fibers and dust to a victim. The victim breaths in the fibers, which eventually cause the formation of deadly cancers cells to develop on the inner lining of the lung. Mesothelioma is incurable because it is most often not caught until the cancer is so advanced, no mesothelioma treatments could affect it. Mesothelioma is usually misdiagnosed, which is why an individual who feels they may have been previously exposed to mesothelioma should contact a mesothelioma doctor as well as a law firm that has experience with mesothelioma cancer cases.

Victims of mesothelioma are encouraged to utilize LegalView's resources and locate a mesothelioma lawyer in their area who may be able to offer a consultation on a victim's case. Other LegalView resources that are available include information on potential mesothelioma treatments as well as personal accounts of others undergoing mesothelioma. Find the latest news stories and jury verdicts relating to mesothelioma at the LegalView mesothelioma information portal.

Similar to mesothelioma is an illness that affects a small population of individuals throughout the country. Known as Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF), this condition can cause a victim's skin to swell and thicken and in some cases a break out of large red scabs form on the outer layer of the skin. The disease has been noted by victims to be extremely painful and because there is no known cure, it can cause an individual's life to suffer tremendously. NSF is associated with kidney disease patients who receive gadolinium dye during tests. To contact a NSF lawyer, visit LegalView's NSF information portal. In addition to information about mesothelioma and NSF, LegalView also offers users an array of resources on traumatic brain injury (TBI) accidents. TBI affects millions of Americans everyday and can be accompanied with numerous side effects ranging from hearing and speech impairment to mental disorders to loss of motor function and balance. Individuals who feel they have experienced TBI and are interested in discovering information should contact a brain injury lawyer, who can offer guidance and could potentially offer consultation on the injury at hand. Similar to TBI is when an individual suffers from an auto accident. Automobile accidents can leave a victim feeling not only stranded by vulnerable and alone. However, LegalView also offers information on its site as to how to go about receiving compensation for an auto accident by contacting an auto accident attorney. At the auto accident information portal, victims can also find information on similar legal cases and jury verdicts. LegalView tries to keep its readers and those suffering from accidents and illnesses informed of how to overcome the tragedies that affect each of us daily, which is why it has made available legal information through its wealth of legal topics portals.

About LegalView:
LegalView.com is a public service brought to you by Legal WebTV Network, LLC, a Limited Liability Corporation created by a group of the nation's most highly respected law firms: Anapol Schwartz; Brent Coon and Associates; Burg Simpson; Cohen, Placitella and Roth; James F. Humphreys and Associates; Lopez McHugh; and Thornton and Naumes. For more information on the accomplishments and track records of LegalView.com's superior sponsoring law firms and to get in touch with LegalView attorneys, visit LegalView at www.LegalView.com.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008


Mesothelioma Resources Improving

It used to be that it was very difficult to find good sites on mesothelioma, but the quality of the sites that you find these days are much better. Even the the sites whose main focus is mesothelioma law have greatly improved. One site that is a good example is www.mesotheliomamedicine.com which is the site for The Maune Raichle Law Firm. Right away you will notice the way the site is designed. It reminds me more of a web design company's web site rather than those stuffy lawyer sites or cheap made for AdSense sites. But this site not only looks good but has some substance as well and I'll cover the main areas that made an impression on me.

The site provides a lot of mesothelioma information that covers what mesothelioma is, how a person could have gotten it, prevention methods, how a diagnosis is made, what treatments are available, and of course legal information. I have not seen too many lawyer sites provide this much medical information and I think that is a sign that they are concerned about their clients. You can also find some videos that are informative and they offer a free book about mesothelioma that you can order if you prefer to read about it away from your computer.

One reason I think this site is different is that the law firm says they only handle mesothelioma cases. Unlike many lawyer sites that try to offer something for everyone, they have specialized on just this one area and I think that is reflected in the quality of their site.




Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Studies Suggest Fibromyalgia Sufferers Consider Magnetic Therapy as a Drug

Dr. Bakst and Several Recent Studies Suggest Fibromyalgia Sufferers Consider Magnetic Therapy as a Drug Free Way of Alleviating Symptoms

Fibromyalgia, a disease affecting approximately 5 percent of the population, can cause pain that is truly profound and widespread affecting all aspects of the sufferer's life. Studies demonstrate that the use of magnetic therapy is an effective drug free means of alleviating this profound pain.

Palm Desert, CA (PRWEB) January 29, 2008 -- Fibromyalgia is a rather elusive disease characterized by widespread muscular and myofascial aches and pains. The most common sites are the back, shoulders and the joints, accompanied by pain and stiffness. Studies now show that those with the disease are experiencing drug free pain relief by using magnetic therapy to block pain receptors.

"Approximately 5 percent of the population is affected with this disease. The exact etiology is not exactly known, however most physicians agree that the fibromyalgia patient experiences pain amplification due to abnormal sensory processing in the central nervous system," states Dr. Bakst. "It is here that the use of magnetic therapy may well have its beneficial salutary effect."

The pain that people with fibromyalgia experience is truly profound and widespread. It is accompanied by muscular aching, numbness, tingling and burning. It affects the sleep pattern leading to mental fatigue, anxiety and stress. Many patients turn to over the counter medications and steroids to help alleviate the symptoms of the disease. Stronger drugs, antidepressants and local injections are other medications sought to deal with severe and widespread pain.

"Since the problem is one of distorted sensory processing we have been led to investigate the use of magnets for this pain. The use of magnetic therapy is a drug free means of alleviating this pain," states Dr. Bakst. "By using magnets with a depth of field, you can effectuate the nerve impulses. The way magnets work is rather complex. Basically, the outside of a nerve is coated with magnetically positively charged ions. When the painful stimulus occurs, these ions pour into the interior of the nerve thereby initiating the nerve impulse, which then travels to the brain. Our products place a huge negative magnetic field over these positive ions. The negative magnetic field will impede the flow of these positive charges and will stop the flow of these magnetically charged particles to the brain, which is a means of treating the painful stimulus with a medication free modality," Bakst explains.

According to Dr. Bakst, two clinical studies prove the effectiveness of using magnetic mattress pads for the treatment of pain of Fibromyalgia. "Based on these studies, we recommend a complete system for the treatment of and the alleviation of pain and tenderness due to Fibromyalgia. We recommend our magnet mattress pad in addition to other products such as our magnetic chair pad, magnetic back belt and magnetic insoles to continue the effects of the magnetic alleviation of the pain impulse."

Dr. Bakst stresses that there is no such thing as pain if the impulse does not reach the brain. Using highly powerful negative magnetic fields has been demonstrated to arrest the pain in 80 to 90 percent of patients with this affliction. Anyone suffering from Fibromyalgia is encouraged to visit the Dr. Bakst website to find out more about this drug free pain relief alternative.

About Magnatech Labs Inc
Magnatech Labs, Inc., was founded and established by Dr. Alvin Bakst in 1994. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to researching effective methods of alleviating and eliminating pain in the body without the use of drugs or invasive medical procedures. It has received the only U.S. patent for pain control issued by the U.S. patent office (5,707,333).

Magnatech Labs, Inc. has developed and now manufactures the highest quality magnetic pain relief products available on the market using both ceramic and neodymium magnets placed in a supportive neoprene material to provide maximum comfort and support.

Press Contact: Dr. Alvin Bakst
Company Name: Dr. Bakst Magnetics
Phone: 760-341-5077

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Court Decision Announced By Travelers Insurance

Travelers Announces Court Decision Regarding Statutory and Common Law Direct Actions

SAINT PAUL, Minn.- February 19, 2008 -The Travelers Companies, Inc. (NYSE: TRV) today announced that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has vacated the March 2006 decision of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York that had approved Travelers' previously announced settlements of statutory and common law asbestos-related direct action litigation.

The settlements are subject to final court approval of an order that enjoined further direct action litigation against certain Travelers entities. The Second Circuit's decision found that the court originally issuing that order did not have the jurisdiction to do so. Travelers is currently analyzing the Second Circuit's opinion to determine whether to pursue further appellate proceedings. In addition, other parties may seek further appellate review of the ruling.

Travelers will not make an adjustment to the level of its asbestos reserves as a result of the Second Circuit's decision. Accordingly, the decision does not impact Travelers' earnings.

Travelers would have preferred the finality afforded by the settlements and related injunction. However, since Travelers entered into the settlements, there have been court decisions upholding defenses similar to those asserted by Travelers in the common law direct action litigation. In addition, the asbestos litigation environment has improved generally over the past several years. As a result, Travelers' current outlook for the overall direct action litigation is more favorable than it was when Travelers entered into the settlements. If the Second Circuit's decision becomes final, the settlements will become voided and Travelers intends to litigate the direct action cases vigorously.

About Travelers

Travelers is a leading provider of property casualty insurance. For more information, visit www.travelers.com.

Forward Looking Statement

This press release contains "forward looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 regarding our outlook for litigation and the impact of court decisions on our results. Such statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, many of which are difficult to predict and generally beyond our control, that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in, or implied by, the forward looking information. These risks and uncertainties include the fact that litigation, particularly complex litigation involving novel theories of liability, is inherently unpredictable and the establishment of reserves involves a high degree of judgment. For other risks and uncertainties, see "Risk Factors" in our latest Form 10-K/A filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Our forward-looking statements speak only as of the date they are made, and we undertake no obligation to update forward-looking statements.


The Travelers Companies, Inc.
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Institutional Investors:
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Marc Parr, 860-277-0779

Monday, February 18, 2008


Children in Danger of Asbestos Exposure - Mesothelioma Warning Issued

Laboratory Tests Conclude Children in Danger of Asbestos Exposure - MAACenter Issues Mesothelioma Awareness Warning

A Consumer Interest Group Finds Cancer Causing Asbestos in Toys, Other Products

Syracuse, NY  -  January 3, 2008 -- Recent tests by the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization have confirmed the presence of harmful levels of asbestos in many everyday products, including toys. The results have been surprising thus far, particularly because of the emergence of asbestos, which was banned by federal law nearly a quarter-century ago, within children's products. Some of the ADAO's findings have resulted in the removal of these products from store shelves, indicating an acknowledgment of the gravity of these product's health consequences.

Asbestos, when inhaled is extremely difficult for the body to break down, resulting in a sustained irritation within the body's internal structures. Children in particular, are at a specific risk because they are often less discriminatory about what products they may ingest or inhale. Once within a child's body, the asbestos inflammation may cause a harmful scar tissue over several years, ultimately leading to a terminal cancer, called mesothelioma.

Because the health complications that result from asbestos exposures take many years to manifest, a childhood exposure could potentially see a person develop mesothelioma in their twenties or thirties. Typically prognoses for mesothelioma are between 12 and 18 months, as the cancer slowly collapses the lungs and suffocates the patient. This and other health complications are the devastating consequences of an innocent childhood exposure to asbestos.

Asbestos exposures are not uncommon in occupational settings but the potential emergence of exposures in the household, and particularly among children are disturbing. Anything that contains at least one-percent asbestos is considered an asbestos-containing material and should be avoided

The Mesothelioma and Asbestos Awareness Center at has long been recognized as the web's leading resource for accurate and up to date information concerning mesothelioma, asbestos, and their health implications. In addition the MAAC is recognized as the leading source of information about mesothelioma treatment and features a live clinical trials database.

For further information please contact the Mesothelioma and Asbestos Awareness Center.

Press Contact: Richard Ferring
Company Name: Mesothelioma and Asbestos Awareness Center
Phone: 315-436-7140

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Mesothelioma Symptoms And Steps To Making A Diagnosis

I found another good mesothelioma video that is by an actual mesothelioma doctor. His name is Dr. Case and he talks about what the symptoms of mesothelioma are and what is needed to make a positive diagnosis of the disease. He uses mostly plain talk and is easy to understand. The video is part of a free video that is offered at http://www.mesodvd.com/.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Mesothelioma Victims Get 9 Million Dollars

Jury Awards 9 Million Dollars to New York Mesothelioma Victims For Damages Caused By Asbestos Exposure

Mesothelioma Trial Attorneys Fight Against Asbestos Exposure In New York

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 4, 2008 -- On December 17, 2007, a New York City jury awarded a total of 9 million dollars to compensate two New York City mesothelioma victims and their wives for damages caused by asbestos exposure. The two cases (Rosenberg and Casale) were joined for a single trial before Justice Marcy S. Friedman, Supreme Court, New York County, located in downtown New York City. The mesothelioma law firm representing both families is Levy Phillips & Konigsberg, LLP ("LPK") whom have represented New York families affected by mesothelioma for more than two decades. The jury verdicts in these cases are being viewed as ground-breaking by mesothelioma trial attorneys, as the verdicts were handed down against companies against whom no jury verdicts had ever been returned in the long history of asbestos exposure litigation in New York City.

The case of Joel and Sharon Rosenberg v. Alpha Wire Company, et. al, Index No. 106697/06 involved the asbestos exposure that Mr. Rosenberg sustained as the result of working as a life-long electrician in New York with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers ("IBEW"), Local 3. Mr. Rosenberg started in the trade while still a teenager in 1960. He suffered asbestos exposure while working in New York as an electrician. Mesothelioma due to workplace asbestos exposure developed in Mr. Rosenberg from a variety of New York worksites including the Arthur Kill Powerhouse in Staten Island, the Vista Hotel in the Financial District, the Cross Bay Bridge and the Deutsche Bank Building. Mr. Rosenberg, sustained asbestos exposure in the workplace from a variety of sources including the cutting, sawing and skinning of wire and cable that was insulated with asbestos.

In the Rosenberg case, the New York jury returned a verdict in favor of the Rosenberg's against a manufacturer of asbestos-containing power cable. This represents the first verdict against a manufacturer of cable used in a commercial setting in the history of asbestos exposure litigation in New York. The jury awarded $3 million for Mr. Rosenberg's pain and suffering and $1 million to Mrs. Rosenberg for loss of services and society. Mr. Rosenberg developed mesothelioma during his retirement while living in New Jersey. He died at the age of sixty-four.

The Casale case (Joseph and Dolores Casale, Index No. 104299/06), involved the asbestos exposure of Mr. Casale during his career as a steam fitter (also known as pipe fitter) in New York. At the time, steamfitters were unknowingly endangered with asbestos exposure in their workplace due to asbestos being used on equipment such as valves, steam trap and boilers. While still a teenager Mr. Casale worked at shipyards, including the Brooklyn Navy Yard, as a member of the Local 638 Union. Mr. Casale continued in the same union and worked in the steam fitter trade at job sites in New York City throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Mr. Casale later moved to Florida but his mesothelioma diagnosis was linked to his asbestos exposure which occurred in New York. Mr. Casale was exposed to asbestos from various products including valves and steam traps, from both internal asbestos components and asbestos insulation that was applied to the products.

The jury awarded a total of 5 million dollars in the Casale case: 1.5 million for Mr. Casale's pain and suffering up to the date of the verdict; 1.5 million for Mr. Casale's future pain and suffering; 1 million for Mrs. Casale's loss of service and society up to the date of the verdict; and 1 million for Mrs. Casale's future loss of service and society.

In the Casale case, the New York jury returned a verdict in favor of the Casales against a manufacturer of valves, as well as a manufacturer of steam traps. This represents the first verdicts involving valves and steam traps in the history of asbestos exposure litigation in New York, and is reportedly the first asbestos verdict in the nation involving the use of steam traps.

Mr. Casale, who is living with mesothelioma at age of 66, testified at trial.

The LPK mesothelioma trial attorneys that obtained the verdicts in these cases were Jerome H. Block, Patrick J. Timmins and Holly C. Peterson.

These mesothelioma trial attorneys at LPK (the attorneys for the Rosenberg and Casale families) have won numerous other landmark jury verdicts in the course of more than 25 years of representing New York mesothelioma victims, including: the first ever asbestos verdict against the welding industry; the first ever asbestos verdict against the talc industry; the largest verdict in the nation against a manufacturer of Navy cable; and the largest verdicts in the nation against manufacturers of asbestos gaskets and packing. Mesothelioma trial attorneys at LPK have been recognized on the list of Best Lawyers in America and Super Lawyers.

Although LPK's offices are located in New York and New Jersey, LPK represents families affected by mesothelioma and asbestos exposure nationwide. For more information about this mesothelioma trial, LPK's mesothelioma trial attorneys, or for more information about mesothelioma and asbestos exposure, please call the mesothelioma attorneys at Levy, Phillips & Konigsberg LLP at 800-MESO-LAW or 212-605-6200, visit http://www.lpklaw.com/ or complete the email form on this page. You will also find informative medical and legal information about New York and New Jersey mesothelioma and asbestos exposure at

Press Contact: Jay Berkowitz
Company Name: Levy Phillips & Konigsberg, LLP
Phone: 561-620-9121

Sunday, February 10, 2008


One Woman's Tragic Mesothelioma Diagnosis Tracked

LegalView Continues to Track Mesothelioma Information with Details of One Woman's Tragic Diagnosis

LegalView's newly updated mesothelioma blog highlights the latest jury verdicts and asbestos-related information including the story of one individual's tragic childhood asbestos exposure. A woman who, after years of hugging her father as he returned home from work each day as a dockyard worker, was diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer just after her father died from the cancer.

Denver, CO November 21, 2007 -- LegalView.com, the source for everything legal on the Web, continues to follow developments concerning the deadly cancer mesothelioma via its mesothelioma blog by tracking the story of a United Kingdom woman whose father recently died of mesothelioma. Even more unfortunate than the death of the woman's father was the news that she had been diagnosed with the cancer as a result of merely hugging her father each day as he arrived home from work. Philip Northmore was employed as a dockyard worker where he was exposed to asbestos over several years. Northmore died at the age of 68 just as his daughter, Debbie Brown, is diagnosed with mesothelioma as well. LegalView.com is proud to provide readers of its mesothelioma blog with updated information on Brown, who recently launched her own Web site, Mesothelioma and Me, to help victims of mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a rare and often fatal disease in which victims often are unaware that they even suffer from the cancer until it is far too late for treatment. Mesothelioma is nearly always caused by exposure to asbestos, which is a fireproof building material that was used in structures such as schools, government buildings and homes. The asbestos fibers are inhaled and form cancerous cells on the interior of the lungs. Signs of the cancer take years, and in most cases, decades before becoming symptomatic in the body, at which time the success rate for treatments significantly decreases. Brown's case, in which she as a child merely hugged her father and breathed in the asbestos fibers found on his clothing, is one of many thousands of unfortunate individuals suffering from mesothelioma. LegalView is sympathetic to the needs of those enduring this deadly disease and therefore provides resources on finding a mesothelioma law firm via its mesothelioma information portal, alongside the mesothelioma blog.

LegalView's mesothelioma information portal can provide readers with details on treatments, various forms of the disease and information regarding attorney referral services particularly the best way to locate a mesothelioma lawyer.

In addition to the resources found at the mesothelioma site, LegalView offers a wide variety of practice areas on several legal issues affecting Americans each day. Such issues include details on finding brain injury attorney or where to find a Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis lawyer. LegalView also offers resources to locate legal advice for those who might need a construction accident law firm.

About LegalView:

LegalView.com is a public service brought to you by Legal WebTV Network, LLC, a Limited Liability Corporation created by a group of the nation's most highly respected law firms: Anapol Schwartz; Brent Coon and Associates; Burg Simpson; Cohen, Placitella and Roth; James F. Humphreys and Associates; Lopez Hodes; and Thornton and Naumes. For more information on the accomplishments and track records of LegalView.com's superior sponsoring law firms and to get in touch with LegalView attorneys, visit LegalView at www.LegalView.com.

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