Saturday, October 20, 2007


Clinical Trial Announced for Cancer Pain

New Clinical Trial Announced for Break through Cancer Pain

Exodon announces a new clinical research trial to combat break through cancer pain. The focus of the campaign is to study the efficacy of a new nasal spray.

Mount Arlington, NJ (PRWEB) October 20, 2007 -- Exodon LLC, a leading international clinical research company, announces the start of a new clinical trial for break through cancer pain (BTCP). The clinical trial will be is being conducted by Archimedes Development, Ltd.

Exodon is currently recruiting patients suffering from break through cancer related pain (BTCP). The focus of this clinical trial is to study the efficacy of a new nasal formation of an on-the-market opioid for BTCP. Oral opioid analgesics in pill or injection form take time to work and these medications remain active well after the break through pain has stopped. Because of these issues, this trial is researching a nasal spray application of an opioid medication. The opioid in the form of a nasal spray offers the benefits of a more rapid onset with decreased side-effect profile and can be used with the patient's current opioid medications for BTCP.

Break through pain is pain that is not controlled by the regular doses of pain medicines and is often a severe flare of pain that can occur even if patients are taking medicine for other types of pain.

"Since break through pain is not predictable and medication is only taken at the onset of pain, it is important for the drugs to take effect as soon as possible," says Gerald Tramontano, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Research of Exodon. "That is why a nasal spray has an advantage over other types of medicinal applications. We have a history of working with many leading hospitals and physicians and believe this trial will be of interest nationwide."

Trial participants pay no diagnostic or treatment costs related to the BTCP clinical trial.

Visit http://www.exodon.com for criteria for inclusion in this clinical trial and for more information about all of Exodon's current and upcoming clinical trials.

About Exodon
Exodon is an international clinical research organization which specializes in patient and investigator recruitment services. We have a robust network of pre-consented patients and researchers ready and available for entry into clinical trial research studies.

We reduce the patient/site recruitment time and increase patient retention through our proprietary system, the VALIDATE System®. Most of our sites participate in our VALIDATE System network resulting in a database that enables real-time access to real de-identified medical records. This enables Exodon to search for pre-qualified patients meeting the study's inclusion or exclusion criteria. The company's website can be found at http://www.exodon.com.

Press Contact: Liz Garger
Company Name: Exodon LLC
Phone: 9175724820

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